Environmental pollutants include any byproduct of technology or industry that may cause harm to people or property. These are often unseen and undetected dangers.  Pollutants such as lead, benzene, chromium, mercury, asbestos, and trichloroethylene, just to name a few, can pose serious health problems not only to people, but also to fish and aquatic life, animals and plant life that get exposed to such pollutants.  These chemicals can enter the air, drain into bodies of water and seep into the soil.  Known to cause a wide variety of serious health problems, such chemicals have been linked to a number of serious conditions as birth defects, leukemia, cancer, sterility, blindness, burns and even death.

Various industries generate billions of gallons of poison every year.  How they deal with these byproducts is critical to the protection of the environment and all living things supported by our planet.  Careless or negligent companies sometimes fail to take responsibility for the harm they cause.

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