Property owners have a duty to provide reasonably safe conditions to persons who are rightfully on their property.  Negligent security liability cases often involve apartments or residential  buildings, hotels and motels, and bars and nightclubs, but are also brought against homeowners, malls , restaurants and other businesses.  Conditions such as insufficient lighting in parking lots or hallways, a broken lock or an unsecured swimming pool are just a few examples of circumstances that could cause a property owner to be found negligent in providing security.

To take this one step further, when a property owner has reason to know that the property attracts a criminal element and does nothing to address safety and security, he or she may be liable for injuries sustained in the perpetration of a crime. When predictable criminal conduct is foreseeable or reasonably apparent, the owner is responsible to take the necessary steps to prevent physical assaults and injuries. For instance, if a business is in a high crime area, the owner may need to take such actions as hiring security guards, installing a security system and providing security lights.

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