Losing a loved one can be extremely traumatic, especially when it is brought on by the carelessness or negligence of another.  In addition to enormous grief such a loss can cause huge financial strain.  The Cedar Rapids injury attorneys of VanDerGinst Law may be able to help. No amount of money can bring the loved one back, nor eliminate the grief. But, a wrongful death action may ease the financial burdens.

Wrongful death is a cause of action that may be filed when someone intentionally or negligently causes the death of another person. Death may be caused by someone’s actions or by their inactions.  Car accidents, dangerous or faulty products, defects on property, medical malpractice, or any number of other sources may cause a wrongful death.  A wrongful death action may be filed by the family of the decedent or by the representatives of the decedent’s estate. The purpose of a wrongful death action is to compensate family members who have suffered emotionally and/or monetarily from the death.
States have differing criteria for determining who may file a wrongful death lawsuit, who may recover damages, and the amount of money that can be recovered.

Loss of companionship or the emotional impact of the loss of a loved one may be difficult to calculate because it is subjective and does not lend itself to precise measurement.

In some states, a separate cause of action may exist in addition to the wrongful death action.  It is known as a survival action.  This allows the estate of the decedent to recover damages for the conscious pain and suffering a decedent may have experienced before he or she expired.

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